Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

Solar Energy

The sun is the only power source to which humanity can fully rely. Solar energy we can provide everything from energy and often require very simply, cleanly and without risk. It is not only electricity, heat and light for our homes, but also fuel for the operation of clean cars. The amount of sunlight falling on Earth for one year up to 20 000 times greater than the global energy consumption. Even the energy falling on the roof of a house in poor areas to sunlight (eg. Northern Europe) up to 10 times higher than its consumption for heating and running appliances. Ways to produce electricity from renewable sources is more.


In our geographical conditions of the energy falling on the area of 1 m2 reaches 2450-5400 kJ of energy, enough to heat 30 liters of water for 20 to 43 degrees. Solar radiation is distributed more homogeneous than any other fuel reserves on Earth.

Production of electricity using solar energy in the world today is growing rapidly and the rev constitutes the most important technology called Photovoltaic cells. To a lesser extent also applies the process of concentration of solar radiation absorber into the parabolic mirror with subsequent production of steam used to drive the generator. Unlike the parabolic mirror, whose practical application is limited to the very rich in sunlight using photovoltaic cells is also possible in our conditions. Passive use of solar radiation means that with appropriate architecture and placement of buildings can significantly reduce energy consumption.