Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

Wind Energy

Wind is a form of energy that creates the uneven heating of Earth's surface. Sunlight, giving the vertical airflow. The energy that the sun radiates toward the Earth is approximately 1 to 2% is converted into wind energy, which is 50 to 100 times more than the energy plants that convert biomass to live. Wind, which is present everywhere and is free to become a very attractive energy source. Moreover, its use produces no waste, pollute the air and has a negative impact on human health. These are the most important reasons for the deployment of wind as an energy source in all corners of the world.

In recent years the world has seen the development of wind energy, offering the possibility of centralized and decentralized.

The EU has set a target that by 2020 renewables secured the 21% of electricity production. This objective was formulated in Directive 2001/77/EC on the promotion of electricity produced from renewable sources in the internal market for electricity, which has set the targets for individual Member States. The commitment of the Slovak Republic should be proposed to the EU Directive in 2020 an ambitious target of 14%. To achieve the objectives set in many European countries adopted support measures for the development of wind energy (as well as other renewable sources).One of the most successful is called. fixed tariff system based on setting a fixed price purchase (eclectic energy) produced by wind energy.

At present, the installed capacity of wind power in the world, more than 40,000 MW of wind and the share of world electricity production is about 0.5%. Leaders on the world market are Germany (15,000 MW), USA (6,400 MW), Spain (6,200 MW) and Denmark (3100 MW). For comparison - in the ten new EU countries, the total installed capacity of only 100 MW.

Electricity generation in wind power plants and wind parks less environmentally harmful than production based on traditional fossil fuels. Despite this, however, be taken into account the complexity of some applications of some renewable energy sources in real power system operation. These are in addition to environmental impacts and impacts on the operation and management of electricity grids, which results in predicting the production of electricity in some of these resources. Support for the construction and operation of renewable energy sources in Slovakia because of the environmental and technical point of view into account the specificities and limits.