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Biodiversity and Nature Protection in Slovakia – Michal Adamec (pdf, 7,14MB)

Outcomes of the IUCN World Conservation Congress – Luc Bas (pdf, 1,48MB)

CBD COP13 Preparations – Eva Viestová (pdf, 598kB)

Nature Conservation and EU Financing Challenges: best practice and options -  Kate Jennings (pdf, 552kB)

Progress in the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020– Stefan Leiner (pdf, 842kB)

Nature Outlook – Perspectives of the Future of Nature in Europe – Henk van Zeijts (pdf, 2,1MB)

High Nature Value Forests in Carpathians – Harald Egerer (pdf, 8MB)

Large Carnivors in Europe – Luigi Boitani (pdf, 4,55MB)

EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores – Umberto Degado Rosa (pdf, 1,56MB)

Management of Large Carnivores in Slovakia – Rastislav Rybanič (pdf, 4,7MB)

Implementation of Natura 2000 in Flanders - Els Martens (pdf, 4,9MB)

EU Nature and Biodidiversity Directors Meeting in Malta – Marie Therese Gambin (pdf, 1,7MB)