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More and more Europeans are experiencing lack of Water, the Ministers called for a common solutions

12.07.2016 Climate change and related alternating periods of drought and floods were the main topics of the Ministerial Conference on Water and the informal Council of EU for Environment. More

Minister László Sólymos presented the priorities of the environmental department during the Slovak Presidency

04.07.2016 The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak republic wants to significantly contribute to the effectiveness of environmental and climate policies at a European level and to lead the Member States of the EU on global negotiations. This was said by the head of environmental department, László Sólymos, during today's (July 1) performance on a cluster dedicated to energy and climate policies, transport and natural resources. The cluster is part of the visitor program to the College of the European Commission in Bratislava. More

Website of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU is now launched

11.05.2016 One of the key communication channels of Slovakia’s Presidency of the Council of the EU – the official website – is now up and running. The Presidency’s website was launched on Monday 9 May 2016, coinciding with the day that Slovakia, being an EU member country, is celebrating Europe Day. More


The Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic

The Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic  Ing. László Sólymos


 Ing. László Sólymos

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