Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic



“Integrated river basin management and protection of water resources”

V4+Romania experts’ meeting, Bratislava, 29 April 2015

Countries should strive to secure sustainable water resources management in river basins with application of suitable and efficient measures, taking into account local specific conditions which contribute to the adaptation to extremities related to climate change (drought, water scarcity and floods).

National approaches are accepted with respect to limitations related to the impact assessment on environment and human health. For that purpose, it is desirable that countries increase the retention capacity of the given territory to manage the temporary water surplus and create conditions for its useful utilization.

Countries undertake appropriate adaptation measures against drought and floods, in particular considering both ecosystem functions and services and sustainable management of water resources, soil, and landscape - in line with relevant EU directives, particularly the Water Framework Directive and the Directive on the assessment and management of flood risks, and the EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change.