Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

Environmental education and education for sustainable development

The Ministry of the Environment supports non-formal educational activities in accordance with the Sectoral Concept of Environmental Education up to 2025 (available in Slovak language). The overarching goal is to create an integrated system of environmental education and awareness raising within the environmental sector, focusing on diverse target groups by using innovative tools and respecting the principles of sustainable development.
Educational activities are provided throughout the whole country by the organisations instituted by the Ministry of Environment:

  1. Slovak Environment Agency, including its Centre of Environmental Education “Dropie”
  2. State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic
  3. National Zoological Garden Bojnice
  4. Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology
  5. Slovak Mining Museum
  6. Slovak Water Management Entreprise and others.

Organizations Instituted by the Ministry of Environment prepare a number of events, which are focused on raising awareness in the area of environmental protection and its components, as well as the field of practical environmental education with using interactive elements. Professional conferences, seminars for different target groups as well as methodological days and accredited continuous education for teachers are also organized. Last but not least, organizations Instituted by the Ministry of Environment are engaged in editorial, publication and promotional activities.

Practical environmental education is realized mainly in:


The International Festival of Sustainable Development Films ENVIROFILM was founded in 1995. Since then, the best films by filmmakers from around the world have been awarded every year since May.
With its professional level and quality of the competition films, the festival has ranked among the world's top events promoting environmental protection and creation.
In 2015, ENVIROFILM joins forces with EKOTOPFILM. The result of the partnership of two important traditional events is the International Film Festival EKOTOPFILM - ENVIROFILM. At the same time, in two places (Bratislava and Banská Bystrica), they promote the ideas of environmental protection and the possibilities of sustainable development.




Geoparks focus on education and public awareness as well as scientific research and inanimate nature protection. These areas are important not only in geological terms but also in terms of their archaeological, economic or cultural value. The creation of geoparks was supported by UNESCO's initiative. Slovakia joined this trend in 2000, when the Government of the Slovak Republic approved the Concept of Geoparks in the Slovak Republic. At present, three geoparks are operated in Slovakia, namely Banskoštiavnický, Banskobystrický and Novohrad - Nógrad. For more information, visit the Geopark website