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Website of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU is now launched

One of the key communication channels of Slovakia’s Presidency of the Council of the EU – the official website – is now up and running. The Presidency’s website was launched on Monday 9 May 2016, coinciding with the day that Slovakia, being an EU member country, is celebrating Europe Day.

Featuring a modern appearance and responsive design, the website offers its visitors a wealth of practical and interesting information. Available in four language versions (Slovak, English, French and German), the website is aimed at media professionals, politicians, state officials, international experts, NGOs, and the general public.

In addition to the latest news, the website will also provide information on the Presidency’s programme and priorities, budget, as well as the main venues for events organised under the Presidency. It also contains several strong promotional features, such as the ‘Visit Slovakia’ and ‘Visual Presentation’ sections, as well as an interactive form of communication. All of the website’s features will be fully functional as of the day that Slovakia assumes the Presidency – 1 July 2016.

Being the main dynamic part of the website, the ‘News’ section contains several communication tools, including press releases, statements and infographics. The website will also include image and video galleries. Along with the launching of the website, the accreditation system for journalists to attend Presidency events in Slovakia will also open.