Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

Minister László Sólymos presented the priorities of the environmental department during the Slovak Presidency

The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak republic wants to significantly contribute to the effectiveness of environmental and climate policies at a European level and to lead the Member States of the EU on global negotiations. This was said by the head of environmental department, László Sólymos, during today's (July 1) performance on a cluster dedicated to energy and climate policies, transport and natural resources. The cluster is part of the visitor program to the College of the European Commission in Bratislava.

László Sólymos presented the priorities of the Presidency to his European colleagues in the field of environment. These include climate change, circular economy, protection of natural resources and the water sector, which is also a long-standing priority of the department. Slovakia wants to contribute to the European Environmental discussion about the issue of integrated water management in the context of adaptation to climate change. "In this particular area, we are going to focus on water scarcity, droughts and floods, which we have witnessed in recent years very frequently," noted the Minister.
Slovakia wants to devote to the primary activities on the European soil following last year's adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement. "One of my priorities is to support its early ratification on the EU level, as well as on the level of the Member States, thus creating conditions for the implementation of the commitments of the Union," added the Minister along with the fact that the aim of this effort is the successful transition to cleaner energy and the gradual transition to a low carbon economy.
Other priorities include the expected target proposals for sectors not included in the emissions trading scheme (non-ETS) such as transport, agriculture, buildings and waste material, as well as a proposal for the sector of land use, land use change and forestry to be included in the EU commitments.
Given the importance of the topic of climate change, the ministry also organizes a joint informal meeting of ministers that are responsible for climate change and energy, which will be held on 12 July in Bratislava.
"The area of circular economy will form one of the essential parts of our joint work in the upcoming years. My ambition is to make progress in negotiations on waste packages on the level of the Environmental Council during our presidency. I do not consider circular economy as an isolated or sectorial issue. I see this as a matter of tremendous opportunity to transform our current model of economic development towards green economy, " said László Sólymos. A flag conference will be held on this topic on 6 and 7 September in Bratislava.
Department of Communication, The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak republic